Why Is Commercial Security So Important?

Business owners are held to a different legal standard when it comes to ensuring the safety and integrity of their property. Not only are you expected to protect the people who work for you; you also by law must take steps to ensure the safety of people who visit the premises on which your business stands.

Because the law holds you accountable if anyone gets hurt, sick, or violated while visiting your business, you may wonder what you can do to prevent an expensive, embarrassing, and devastating disaster from occurring. A commercial security service can help you achieve this goal and offer other notable benefits to business owners like you in return.

Lowered Liability

The foremost benefit that a professional commercial security team can offer you is the ability to lower your liability as a business owner. You could be held liable and sued in court if anyone, regardless of whether the person is an employee, a customer, or a person waking by your business on the sidewalk.

A commercial security team can monitor the premises and respond quickly before anyone gets injured or sick. Their quick response and constant surveillance can greatly minimize your liability.

Emergency Response

Commercial security professionals are also trained to respond to a variety of emergencies. You never know when a crisis might occur inside or outside of your business. The security team that you hire can act quickly during emergencies like:

  • fires
  • gas leaks
  • water leaks or floods
  • medical emergencies like someone suffering from a heart attack or stroke

The security guards whom you hire may be trained in CPR, wound care, and other medical skills that can help stabilize a patient until paramedics arrive. Their prompt response to emergencies can also help lower your liability and also ensure the public that your company is a safe location at which to shop or do business.

Security Threats

Of course, commercial security professionals are trained as well to respond to a variety of safety threats like:

  • shootings
  • bomb scares
  • stabbings
  • fights
  • chemical attacks

They have the expertise to assess the threat quickly and launch an emergency plan of action to keep you, your employees, and the public safe. Their plan may involve coordinating and working with local law enforcement to evacuate the premises and detain criminals quickly. Many commercial security guards undergo strenuous and continued training throughout their careers so that the know how to use the most updated and proven response tactics available to them today.

Crime Response

Criminals on the lookout for items to steal or people to mug often are deterred from their endeavors when they see uniformed security guards on the premises. When you want to alert would-be robbers and muggers that your business is protected and monitored at all times, you should hire a commercial security team to patrol and monitor both the interior and exterior of your building at all times.

Highly trained and experienced guards can respond to crimes that range from theft of property to pick pocketing in a matter of minutes or even seconds. They act quickly to minimize the loss of your business’s inventory as well as the personal possessions of your employees and customers.

As with responding to emergencies like bomb scares or shootings, your security guards can also coordinate with local law enforcement to ensure the prompt detainment and arrest of criminals who compromise the safety of your business. This element of protection likewise ensures the public and your employees that they are thoroughly protected while they are inside your building or anywhere else on your property.

Crowd Control

Commercial security guards can play a vital role in who comes in and out of your business. Depending on the nature of your company, you may need to tightly regulate the people whom you allow access to your premises. When you do not want unauthorized people inside of your building, you need security personnel as a first layer of defense against keeping out those unwanted individuals.

The security team that you retain can stand guard at every entrance and exit of your building. They can also establish a perimeter at which they can check the identifications and credentials of people who want to enter the premises. People who cannot show or do not have company or vendor IDs or other credentials approved by you will be prevented from coming inside and instead turned away at the door.

Armed Security Response

Depending on your security expectations and needs, you can hire armed guards to patrol, monitor, and protect your business. Commercial security guards who are trained in the use of firearms and weapons can provide the highest level of defense against all kinds of threats.

They also are trained to quickly disarm, detain, and arrest criminals who are carrying concealed weapons and intend to do you and your business harm. When your business needs qualified, capable, and ready armed defense, you can get this level of protection when you retain a professional security service for your building.

24/7 Protection

Finally, commercial security services are typically available around-the-clock. You can hire security professionals who are not only available to you during the regular workday and work week. They also can patrol, monitor, and defend your business on the weekends, on holidays, and during the overnight hours.

You understandably may not have the time yourself to stay in your building and ensure that it stays safe. Likewise, you may not expect your employees to devote extra hours of their lives to keeping your business protected. Rather than hire extra company personnel for this important task, you can partner with a highly trained, readily available, and fully licensed professional security service to stand guard during all hours of the day regardless of the day of the week.