Fire Watch Security : Do You Need A Fire Watcher?

Fire safety is something that most people takes for granted. Smoke detectors and sprinkler systems have become so standard that people assume they’ll know as soon as a threat arises; however, when fire alarms aren’t in place, the potential for disaster is always imminent. If your New Jersey business is in the process of installing a new fire protection system or having trouble with existing equipment, then you need 24/7 GuardEX fire watch security services.

Fires can costs New Jersey businesses millions of dollars in lost profits, but more importantly they endanger the lives of employees and the surrounding community. GuardEX Security’s licensed fire watchers have extensive training and experience in responding to emergency fires immediately to keep them from getting out of hand. Our employees are also subject to thorough background screenings, and they abide by strict standards of conduct. Our goal is keeping your workers and visitors feeling safe at all times.

Our onsite fire watchers will protect your property until your smoke alarms and sprinkler systems have been officially inspected and approved by your local Fire Marshall. GuardEX Security also offers armed and unarmed guards to prevent other threats to your workers and assets.

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