Supply Chain Security provided by GuardEX Security

Thieves on the lookout for high dollar items to steal often target businesses’ supply chains. Rather than break into stores or warehouses, they go directly to the point at which the inventory enters a business’s supply chain. As such, the trailers and vessels that you use to load and deliver inventory to your store or clients need to be protected so that you can continue to make a profit. You can safeguard your inventory and your supply chain with professional supply chain security services.

Thieves today are most on the lookout for items like:

  • food and beverages
  • pharmaceuticals
  • electronics
  • consumer goods like clothing

to steal and then pawn or resell themselves for money. Professional supply chain services use tactics like bait and switch trailers as well as wireless cameras to catch criminals in the act of stealing from you. With the evidence in hand, they can then ensure that these burglars are prosecuted and punished fully.

Supply chain security guards also protect you from other risks that go beyond theft and burglaries. They also identify and respond to security issues like fraud, which could occur from outside of your company as well as within the ranks of your own employees.

Fraud can include identity theft to forgery and cost you millions of dollars in losses. You can prevent and stop fraud with professional security services. The security company you hire can tailor its services to your needs.

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