Shipping and Logistics Security Provided by GuardEX Security

Your transport company may operate on the tightest of schedules. You cannot afford to lose money with delayed shipments or cargo that goes missing. When it is everything you can do to stay on top of your company’s daily operations, you may not have time to investigate missing freight or delays in shipping. Instead of losing millions each year because of these issues, you can protect your bottom line and stay on task better by hiring a shipping and logistics security service.

The security service you hire can investigate the freight that has gone missing from a client’s shipment. It could be missing simply because of mishandled paperwork or a miscommunication among your employees or vendors. It could be missing because of theft. The security services that you retain can find out if the freight was stolen by people who work for you or people who broke into the shipping area to steal these items.

The presence of the security service on your property and within the ranks of your company signal to both your staff and people on the outside that your shipments are being watched and protected. Any freight will be investigated, searched for, and recovered, and anyone found stealing from you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Security services for your shipping and logistics operations likewise help you protect your company’s reputation as well as your cash flow and profits. It also ensures the repeat business of satisfied customers.

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GuardEX Security Provides Shipping and Logistics Security Coverage in the Following Regions: