Front Gate Security and Why You Need to Have It!

As the owner of a multi-unit residential or commercial building, you bear the primary responsibility of keeping your tenants and clients safe. They look to you to ensure that they are secure throughout the day and that no threats will pose a danger to them or their friends and family every time they go in and out of their units and your building.

You cannot realistically ensure the safety of the premises by yourself. In fact, you may be ill equipped and entirely inexperienced when it comes to safety and security tactics. Rather than put the safety of your tenants and clients in jeopardy, you can secure your property by retaining front gate security services today.

What perks await you as a business owner when you hire a professional team of guards to man your building’s front gate? You can establish the security your tenants and customers expect of you by taking advantage of the unique and beneficial services that come with retaining professional and experienced guards for this point of entry.

Crime Deterrence

Experienced criminals are always on the lookout for easy targets. They look for businesses that are poorly guarded or left unattended because they know that they can carry out their illegal endeavors without being caught or prosecuted.

The presence of uniformed guards at your building’s front gate can be the most effective crime deterrent available to you. Burglars, vandals, and thieves who see armed guards at your front door may bypass your business entirely and instead look for an easier target to enter and from which to steal.

Along with actively monitoring and patrolling your front gate, the guards that you hire can also use technology like CCTV and video surveillance to protect this point of entry into your building. These resources can help them identify and stop criminal threats before they enter the premises. They also allow your guards to provide evidence of crimes within your building to law enforcement if necessary.

Client Appeal

The presence of uniformed security guards posted at your building’s front gate can also appeal to clients who want to rent from and do business with a company that takes tenants’ security with all due seriousness. When they see the guards at your building’s door and witness the services being carried out by your security team, they may feel more at ease entering the premises and leasing a space from you.

The security team also serves to put your current tenants at ease about any safety concerns they may have. They realize that the security pros are ready to respond to all kinds of threats and emergencies that may arise anytime during the day or night, such as:

  • fires and gas leaks
  • threats of shootings or bombs
  • floods or broken pipes
  • medical emergencies

Tenants and clients realize that they are protected around-the-clock by your security team. This fact can enhance your reputation as a business owner and also demonstrate that you are devoted to keeping your business and clients safe.

Crowd Control

When the building that you own and operate has dozens of units in it, you cannot control who comes in and out of it by yourself. You may not even be able to rely solely on the tenants who rent from you to keep out people who have no business coming inside of the building and onto the property.

When you want to restrict access to your business at all times during the day, you need a security team posted at your building’s front gate. The security professionals who stand watch for you can check people’s identifications. They can then match up the IDs to the list of tenants who live in the building as well as the list of people who are authorized by your clients to visit.

They likewise can check the credentials of delivery people and vendors who may need to leave packages at renters’ doors or refill vending machines. Anyone who cannot show proper identification can be turned away or detained until you personally approve or deny their entry.

Verifying the identities and permission of people who come in and out of the building can also be accomplished by using resources like CCTV and video surveillance. Of course, they can visually confirm the identities of tenants whom they recognize and speak with often at the front gate.

Concierge Services

Finally, you may want to hire a commercial security team who can also serve as a type of concierge service for your front gate. The guards posted at that initial point of entry more or less serve as ambassadors to the public as well as people who rent space from you within the building. They give the first impression of what you and your business are all about and what kind of service they can expect if they enter the premises.

As such, you want a security team who is friendly yet assertive and ready to defend your building as necessary. You also want guards who can carry out basic concierge tasks like:

  • hailing a taxi
  • accepting package deliveries
  • making reservations at restaurants or theaters for clients
  • accept dry cleaning deliveries
  • give directions, pass on messages, and conduct other public relations tasks

The guards can conduct all of these tasks while wearing their security uniforms and carrying their firearms and other weapons. Still, they should be capable of offering this basic level of concierge duty while protecting your building and monitoring who enters and leaves the premises throughout the day.

The safety of your building and tenants relies significantly on what kinds of security services you retain for your business. You can keep everyone safe from threats and have ready responses to disasters by hiring professional commercial security.