Tired of Worrying About Your Existing Security Guard Service?

We hear this a lot.  Potential clients reach out to us all the time to discus their options and complain to us about their existing guard service.  We totally understand and have heard just about every issue under the sun.

  • They are sleeping on the job!
  • They don’t show up and we have missed shifts or no coverage
  • When we do spot checks on the overnights guards are not at their posts
  • They are on their phones instead of watching my property
  • They are unprofessional to my customers
  • I don’t like the tattoos, the hair styles, the piercing or the attitude!

The list goes on an on, this page would be a mile long if we listed all the reasons we’ve heard over the years!

What makes Us Different?

GuardEX Security focuses on ONE thing, we make sure our clients are happy and comfortable.

How do we do that?
Through Investing in Our Staff and Powering Our Business with the Latest and Best Technology.

When you pay minimum wage you can expect minimum results. No GuardEX Security employee has ever or ever will be paid minimum wage. We run our company on the foundation of a simple concept that we strongly believe in; We hire good people, we invest in them, pay them high wages, treat them right and in return we receive exceptional results. These exceptional results are directly passed to our clients. They are what allow us to grow and you to say “I’m Happy”

Our values help eliminate the headache of having a Security Guard Service and our technology removes any doubt you have in your mind about sleeping guards or performance.

GuardEX prides itself on the technology that we use to power our business.

GPS Guard Tracking – All of our sites are tagged with QR codes or IR Tags in specific locations that allow our guards to check in and scan through out their shift. These codes will help us manage the tours of your property and communicate times and locations of our employees. Each site has its own device(s) that the on shift guard is required to use for the entire duration.

Client Portal – this is accessible 24/7 and allows you the client to log in and see what is happening on your site in real time. It shows you the current location of the guards and when their tours have taken place.

Live Incident Reporting – Each guard quipped device allows for the creation of live incident reports. These reports will be noted in the guard tours and can be stored with notes, audio comments, photos and videos. They will also be accessible via the client portal.

Digital Time Cards – All of our jobs are backed up with digital time cards. Each guard punches in on location using their mobile device or site device to the digital time card system. These reports are provided to you every week with your invoice


What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re having second thoughts about your current guard service or about hiring a guard service we would love to speak to you. Don’t be reactive to another shortcoming of your existing service, be proactive and make a change.

We understand that the thought of a transition is not fun, but being happy and feeling comfortable is priceless!

Do You Have Questions?

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